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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hear this new story from Anushka

Anushka, who did Singam and failed to have a take-off says that she is refusing to act in Kollywood movies because men here are so short comparing to her height.
After Singam, there was no takers for this Anushka and its only our Vambhu and his team made her to act in the movie Vaanam.

Now she claims that daily atleast three to four people belonging to Kollywood are standing in front of her house will bundles of money, but she is refusing to meet them and refusing to accept any offers from them as the men working for Kollywood are too short in terms of their height.

Hosur Paiyan: Chee chee intha pazam puzikkum - story comes to our mind! Is that not?


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