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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vande Mataram Review

StarCast : Mammootty, Arjun, Sneha
Cinematography : Vetri
Director : D. Aravind
Music Director : Vidyasagar
Producer : Pankaj Productions
After much delay and dillydallying, Vandemataram, a film starring Arjun and Mammootty in lead roles, finally hit the screens, only to tell a patriotic story we have seen many a time in Vijayakanth and Arjun films earlier.
There are few touches of Shankar too in this movie produced by Henry (Pankaj Productions) and directed by Aravindan. All these things, when put together, becomes a cocktail which is enjoyable only at places.
The film is about intelligence chief Gopi Krishnan’s (Mammootty) search for Malik (Deepak), a dreaded terrorist who enters south India. Gopi is helped in his mission by Anwar (Arjun) and Ashok (Jai Akash).
After much efforts, the police team manages to catch Malik. Even as they dig details from him, ultras hatch a plan to spoil the Prime Minister’s (Nasser) attempts to interlink rivers. How Gopi and Anwar save everyone is the remaining story.
Both Mammootty and Arjun prove that doing such roles is a cakewalk for them. They shine bright as saviours of the country. Sneha evokes sympathy as she has nothing big to perform. Nasser, Riyaz Khan and Deepak, the new baddie on the block, perform well.
Imman’s music and cinematography by Rajesh Yadav and Panneerselvam add strength to Vandemataram. Dialogues by R N R Manohar at places evoke interest. To sum it up, Vandemataram is promises more, but delivers less.


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