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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cute Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi Haasan is cute and bubbly. She is currently pairing with Surya in Ezham Arivu and in a film directed by the Bollywood sensible director Madhur Bandarkar.

She is also pairing with Siddarth in a Telugu film. When asked her whether she was confused in fixing her career because she debuted as music composer and then she became a play back singer and now a beautiful actress, she said,” I grew up in such a situation.

My father will not settle in a single thing. He will always try to do something different. He was a dancer then he became an actor. He started writing. He learnt camera and also started singing. He became a director. Even now he is in search of something and running towards it.

When I am with such a person how is it possible for me to keep quite. When it was decided that my career is in cinema I decided to compose music which I knew. Then I got a liking for acting. So I took up acting. My wish is that I should be a good entertainer


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