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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vijay is protecting Asin

Asin seems to be the 'Aasthaana' pair for Vijay. Asin was with Salman Khan in Mumbai and in Chennai she prefers to be with Vijay. Even though South Indian Film Chamber has banned its members not to visit lanka. Breaching this rule, Asin went to lanka and had guts even to pose along with purported war criminal Rajapakse's wife for photos.Radha Ravi and Sathyaraj openly critisised her act, but Asin never said or felt sorry for her wrong doings.Vijay, who was found fasting and delivering dialogues for Lankan Tamils, is now so deeply connected to this Asin.Asin is using this relationship and is getting even police protection for her to roam around Tamil Nadu.Asin is getting ready to visit lanka once again after completing 'Kaaval Kaadhal' with Vijay.


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