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Monday, August 23, 2010


Aug.24.2010 STR, we all know, flew to London a few days back to fulfill his commitment for his next movie Poda Podi. If you thought STR will become a Londoner during the 40 days of shooting, you are wrong. STR is not the one to miss out on Kollywood proceedings. He is always in touch with the latest happenings through internet and friends in Chennai. A good example for this is his tweet a couple of days back which read "Guys pls update me on the latest tamil release and reports". Now, having seen the teaser of Mankatha, which was released on the 20th of August, STR is mighty pleased. His latest tweet on his page reads "Mankatha teaser is awesome !!! Very gud ma :)". Known for his appreciation for his senior stars, STR seems to be very impressed. We are sure he will be waiting to get back to Chennai to watch the premiere of latest Tamil movies.


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