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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kollywood gets the remake fever

Aug.22.2010 Tamil cinema industry is said to be getting into the remake fever these days, as they are nearly four flicks being remade in Tamil. The four flicks are being remade from tollywood and Bollywood. According to sources, the movies are ‘ Vaanam’ which is a remake of telugu flick VEDAM , ‘ Siruthai’ which is a remake of telugu flick ‘ Vikramarkudu’ , Inidhu Inidhu’ which is a remake of telugu flick ‘ Happy days’ and an untitled film, which is going to be a remake of bollywood super hit ‘Partner’.
Presently, Partner is in the discussions and is said to include a big star playing the lead. The movie will go onto floors from November this year and will be officially announced after October 1st week. There will be a slight script change in the remake in Tamil and actor Simbhu and Kamal Hassan are rumored to be in the lead cast of this film. The other three projects, named above, will be a carbon copy of Telugu films, as any kind of serious changes in the script may affect their run at the box office. So, only few changes will be witnessed and that too according to the tastes of Tamil cinema audiences. Due to lack of gripping scripts, the Tamil directors are opting for remakes. Whatever may be the reason, if these movies offer entertainment to the audiences, then it will be a great achievement to the film directors.


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