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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Trisha a drug addict?

Aug,25,2010 Hold your heart! Your sweet dream babe Trisha might be a drug addict if what Victor - a Nigerian in police custody say is true!
Many of us might have seen or atleast heard that Trisha used to have a heave boose and quarell with others in the bar, hotel, toilets etc., but the latest news coming in is really shocking as it says she is a drug addict. Recently Telugu actor Ravi Teja's brothers were arrested for using and possesing cocaine. When they were drilled by police, a nigerian named Victor was caught. Victor, who was staying in India was taken into custody along with his laptop and when police searched the computer they found many VVIPs mobile numbers. According to Victor, he had 800 customers in India alone and 60 of them belong to cine industry.
One of the name that poped up among those 60 is Trisha's.
Trisha strongly denies that allegation. She says that she has assigned her manager to investigate the truth and tell the public. To be noted here is that her name has come-up several times with the same kind of allegation. Here is the detailed news:
Along with Andhra's West Zone DCP Stephen Ravindra and Commissioner AK Khan, few of media channels have started their investigation and surveillance on those 60 elite group of personalities whose names have been found from the most preferential phone books of Nigerian Drug Peddler Chima Clement Victor and Raviteja’s brothers. After initial investigations, one of the media channel ABN Andhrajyothy started scrolling the names of following members as brutally drug addicted. Here is the list
1. Top heroine Trisha
2. Upcoming actress Saira Bhanu (Girl friend to Raviteja’s brother. She missed from the trap of West Zone DCP on the same day when Don Seenu’s brothers were caught)
3. Young hero Raja (Anand fame)
4. Upcoming hero Bobby alias Uday Kiran
5. Producer Uppalapati Ravi Srinivas

Coming to political circles, here is the list:

1. MP Lagadapati Rajagopal young son Ashish
2. MP Harsha Kumar son Sreeraj
3. TDP leader Aravind Kumar Goud son Rajesh Goud

ABN channel said that, there are even many more top heroes and their sons involved and the list is to arrive soon.


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