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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A guy fell on the foot of Deepika Padukone - begging for marriage

Aug.19 2010 Mad people are different kind and here is a guy who proved his madness by falling straight on the foot of actress Deepika Padukone, begging to marry her - sorry him! The man who was in his late 20s, begged her standing on his knees to consider his proposal. Even though Deepika was shocked at the first moment, she managed to overcome it and said politely to the man that, she is not ready for the marriage.But the man was found crying and repeatedly pleading her saying "I am ready for you.... please consider my proposal"Public and the securities in the mall, helped the boy to move out of Deepika.When the incident occured, Deepika was with her date Neil at the shopping mall. She was gossiped along with Sidarth, son of Vijay Mallya some time ago.


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