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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Angry Nayanthara to keep out Prabhudeva!

Nayanthara, who made one BMW car for a night has lost everything for Prabhudeva! and that is now making her angry over the dance master.Nayanthara, who dated Simbhu and the relationship was split when Simbhu learnt the story of BMW car.Then she dated Danush which lead to breaking of costly kitchen untensils by Aishwarya, daughter of Rajini. Rajini personally requested Simbhu to get involved and this babe was kept out of Danush.Later she was gossiped with Vishal and others, finally she got settled with Prabhudeva.Now, she has no film to do either in Kollywood or in any other wood and soon she will remain jobless like that of Trisha!Nayan is now looking close at Asin and learning her secrets of coming back - as Asin remained jobless, but managed a come back.
Nayan is said to be in contact with Vijay and director Shankar. Meanwhile she have said good bye to Dance Master and he is now found with a Mumbai babe!


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