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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shot Cuts: It's ‘Ooh La La La' time

Cinemimi [Tuesday, April 10, 2012]
Director Jothikrishna, who has introduced several top actors to the Tamil film industry such as Tamanaah and Ileana is on the verge of releasing his next film, “Ooh La La La.” Sources say the film, which has been in the making for quite some time now, will release in the third week of April. Interestingly, Jothikrishna, apart from wielding the megaphone has also played the hero. Meanwhile, Jothikrishna's co-star in “Ooh La La La,” Priti Bhandari has changed her name back to Divya Bhandari.

Says Divya, “Yes, there has been a delay but then, I believe, good movies always take time to release.

As for my name, I changed it to Priti on the advice of a popular numerologist.

However, the name change has not brought me any luck and I have reverted to my original name. However, you will find my name as Priti Bhandari in the title card of the film.”

“Ooh La La La” is about a guy who keeps flirting in the hope of finding a girlfriend.


Dedicated to Lord Anjaneya

Actor Arjun, who played the role of Lord Hanuman in a Telugu film titled “Sri Anjaneyam,” is an ardent devotee of Lord Anjaneya. He is in the process of building a temple for his favourite deity at Gerugambakkam, near Porur. The idol there weighs around 140 tonnes and is 35 feet tall.

Sources claim that the idol, consecrated recently, is special, for it shows the Lord in a unique meditative pose and is said to be sculpted out of a single rock.”


Story first for Sathya

Director Sathya Siva, who shot into the limelight after the success of his “Kazhugu,” featuring Kreshna and Bindu Madhavi in the lead, has moved on to his next project. Sources say the director is to make a film for producers Muktha Srinivasan and Govind.

The director has been holding story discussions in the Kambam and Theni districts.

Says a source, “Director Sathya Siva knows a good story is what can ensure a hit and therefore is intent on coming up with a good script first. Once the story is done, the cast will be finalised.”

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