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Friday, March 2, 2012

Eka Veera Review – Aaravan Tamil Movie

Cinemimi[Friday, March 02, 2012]
Eka Veera Review – Aaravan Tamil Movie Review, Rating, Eka Veera Tamil Film Review: Despite being a Telugu, Aadhi Pinisetty got his first break in Tamil cinema and has been continuing to do films in Kollywood. His latest film Aaravan has been dubbed in Telugu as Eka Veera. Here’s the review…

The story happens in 18th century. Veera Puli (Aadhi) is one of the thieves in a village full of them who depends on burglaries to live. Veera Puli has a hidden truth behind him. An incident happens and he has to reveal his actual identity. Veera Puli was Chinna in the past. He has been hiding for nine years from the people of his village and he has to spend another year to save his life. What happened to him and why should be hiding for ten years? That is what this story is about.


Eka Veera is made out of a fiction novel written by Venkatesan. The trailers and look of this film gives an impression that it is an adventurous film. But the fact is far from it. Eka Veera is more of an emotional drama. If you go with prior expectations, you would surely end up disappointed.

The story of this film is Okay but the screenplay is not so good. First half of the film is decent and holds the interest of the viewer, but the second half drags endlessly and ends on a anti note. The second half is unlikely to sustain the interest of Telugu audience due to excessive Tamil flavor.

However, the film is splendid on the technical front. Director has worked on getting every detail to the perfection. Art and cinematography are brilliant and the film school aspirants would fall in love with the technical strength of this film. People who seek entertainment might well be disappointed.


Aadi is raw and confident. He has done a good job yet again. Pasupathi is spectacular. Dhansika suits the role. Anjali and Bharath did guest roles. Every actor has done his/her best to give an impression that we are actually watching the characters from 18th century.


Music is Okay but an experienced music director might have done wonders to it. Editing is good. Cinematography is an asset and the art director’s contribution is priceless. Dubbing quality is good as dialog writer Sri Rama Krishna comes up with a fine job after ages.

Director Vasantha Balan should be lauded for taking up such complicated subject. His direction is flawless. Only complaint is the script that doesn’t have universal appeal.

Final Word:
Eka Veera is a technically high quality film. Excessive Tamil flavor and slow pace work against it.

Eka Veera Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Banner: 5 Colours Multimedia
Cast: Dhansika, Aadi , Anjali,
Direction: Vasantha Balan
Music: Karthik
Producer: Srinivas Damera


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