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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear - Entertaining love saga

Cinemimi [Sunday, February 05, 2012]
Whatever is the degree of sophistication in Tamil films, at some point of time in the story we are treated to a hard core mass number. There is one in this dubbed version of Yuvan Yuvathi too that takes place in the streets of Seychelles. Two people who are desperate to leave for US have an altercation and the next thing we know is that they are in Seychelles. Why and how is not needed. Waiting in a queue at the US Consulate for their turn to attend the interview is Kalyan or Chilukula Krishnaiah (Bharat); he is being compelled by his father who is a village big wig to marry a high court judge's daughter and he wants to go the US to avoid the wedding. Nisha (Reema) is engaged and her fiance lives in the US, she is preparing to leave the country.

After a scuffle in the queue, the duo part ways but Kalyan has already fallen in love with her by then but keeps silent because he gets to know of Nisha's engagement. Kalyan's father misunderstands the situation and has Nisha kidnapped. Nisha begins to hate Kalyan because she misses her flight and the wedding is cancelled.

In the next part,in a different part of the world, Nisha falls in love with Kalyan after playing hard to get. The final twist is when Kalyan goes home to convince his father but finds the bride arranged by his family already living with them. He now tries his best to convince his family about how much he loves Nisha and it is left for the audience to hang on to see who has the last word. The movie is dubbed, the story is quite entertaining for a while but it is only towards the last half an hour you know what is in store.

Many scenes are contrived and fail to make sense. Even in 2012, we are given the same scene of a hero with a group of kids behind him holding flowers and expressing love to the heroine and the latter falling for him instantly. Both Bharat and Reema fail to make an impact, the former has been around in the industry for so many years but couldn't bring any intensity or seriousness to his work. The only time you start smiling is after the entry of Santanam, his presence is one factor that keeps the story moving, otherwise the movieremains an empty candy coated froth.


Genre: Romance

Cast: Bharat, Reema Kallingal, Santanam

Direction: GMR Kumaravelan

: Vijay Antony

Plot: A yuppie Indian's dream of a trouble free life in USA

Bottomline: Many twists but a predictable finale


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