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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nayantara impersonated!

nayanthara latest stillsCinemimi[Saturday, November 26, 2011]
If you read any messages on the critical issue of 'Dam 999' ban in TN from Nayantara on her microblogging page, well, it's not her who is posting them!

The actress's profile in a leading microblogging page was active ever since her 'break' from the industry, but it came as news to Nayantara itself that she had a profile on a social networking site!

She expressed that she is not a member of any networking sites and that someone has impersonated her and is chatting with all her fans.

Initially Nayan announced through a media house that she is not the one using this profile to chat with her fans or fellow industry members. But now after the person had posted messages on sensitive issues like 'Dam 999' with Nayan's name, she wants to take this up to the cyber crime officials in the city.

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nayanthara latest stills


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