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Monday, September 12, 2011

Talks on for 'Mankatha' sequel?

Cinemimi [Monday, September 12, 2011]
Director Venkat Prabhu has undoubtedly hit the bull's eye with his 'Mankatha' and the film is having a roaring run at the box office. While there were initial doubts whether the film would be a hit because of the hero donning a complete negative role, all that doubts were quashed from the moment 'Mankatha' was released.

Now post the huge moolah that Mankatha is raking in at the box office, the core team involved in the making of the film has met and is discussing about doing a sequel, reveal sources in the know. Neither the director nor the producer has commented in the affirmative regarding this, but well-placed sources have revealed that there might be a sequel on the cards.
It is a known fact that Venkat Prabhu had a different script for 'Mankatha' before Ajith came on board and the script was modified to suit thala; now that 'Mankatha' is a massive hit the director is planning to put to use his prior script too. There are also talks going around the Tamil film circles that Ajith has given his priority dates to Venkat Prabhu.

Thala is busy with his sequel or rather pre-quel of Billa titled 'Billa 2' which is being directed by Chakri Toleti. It is just a matter of time, when after completing his part in 'Billa 2' Ajith might get back to his 'Mankatha' pack, we never know!


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