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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rajini's health status

Cinemimi [Wednesday, August 24, 2011]
It was nearly two months he came back from Singapore after successfully undergoing treatment for kidney-related ailment. Since then, Superstar Rajinikanth's health is continuously being monitored by Chennai-based doctors.

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"A team of doctors from a popular private hospital has been regularly visiting Rajini. They are completely satisfied about the top star's health and recently certified him fit for shooting," circles close to the Superstar say.

We learn that Rajini these days regularly visit the office of director K S Ravikumar at Ashok Nagar to disucss their forthcoming project 'Rana'. "He is keen to resume the shoot by the first week of October," sources say.

"Rajini starts his day with meditation and then does exercise and yoga। After taking breakfast, he reads newspapers and magazines. His evenings are with his grandchildren Linga and Yathra. Later, he spends time with his family members, watches television and goes to bed," they add.


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