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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sarah Jane - "I try to speak in Hindi with people"

Sarah Jane DiasJoginder Tuteja,Cinemimi[Saturday, March 05, 2011]
A Mumbai girl, ex-Miss India Sarah Jane Dias is a Catholic for whom English is her first language. Though well conversant in Hindi, she wanted to perfect it further for her debut flick 'Game'. The first step in that direction was to go through diction classes so that she could further perfect the art of dialogue delivery.

"See, I have studied Hindi all my life; it has been a subject during my school days. However since I speak English so confidently, many people tend to think that it is the only language that I am comfortable with. Yes, I had moved to Muscat when I was quite young and came back to India for my college days. However the fact remains that I am inherently a Mumbai girl", Sarah divulges.

While her diction classes are continuing till date, it was during the preparation for her part in 'Game' that she had Shabana Azmi as a mentor for some instant results.

"Yes, she was a great help with the language and that further made me confident that I could deliver the goods", smiles Sarah, "I try speaking to people as much as possible in Hindi and ask them to correct me wherever I go wrong. In fact now that I am a part of the industry, I don't wish anything that is not as per perfection."

Well, we would know once 'Game' releases on 1st April.

Sarah Jane Dias
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