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Sunday, March 6, 2011

‘Hariyudan Naan’ Mega Finals in Dubai

Cinemimi[Saturday, March 05, 2011] The mega finals of the popular television show ‘Hariyudan Naan’ will be a celebrated event on the 18th of March at Indian High School Auditorium in Dubai.

Dubai is set to know first to know “who” that “Naan” eagerly waited by music fans for over a year. The unique reality show searching for the voice of tomorrow has 20 young people challenging for the title to be decided by the three judges Padmashree Hariharan, music directors Sharreth and James Vasanthan along with popular voting.

The winner of the title will be a singer in the Colonial Cousins band and sing along with them in their tours.

The event will see a galaxy of popular stars and singers participating. Don’t miss the mother of all Tamil music shows ever happened in Dubai.


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