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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Suriya’s challenging role in Maatran!

Cinemimi[Satureday February 05,2011]
If reports are to be believed, Suriya will play a dual role in Maatran. The film is to be directed by KV Anand and an official announcement regarding this project was made a couple of weeks ago. So, what is new about a dual role, one might ask. Being an actor who has tried out different things in his career and a brilliant director like KV Anand, who also has immense knowledge in cinematography, handling the megaphone, there is bound to some be fresh ideas that will have the movie buffs in awe.

Enquiries in Kollywood reveal that Suriya’s dual role is that of a Siamese Twins, which means a pair of identical twins born with conjoined body parts. Now, that is going to be a whole new experience for Suriya’s fans and challenging one for Suriya and KV Anand.

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