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Friday, February 4, 2011

He tried to drown Sameera

Sameera  Cinemimi[Friday, February 04, 2011]
No one would have faith in their directors like Sameera Reddy did. Apparently, when Director Gautham Menon offered her Nadunisi Naigal, the leggy lass accepted it without asking for any other details. “Later when I heard that Veera will be playing the main role I thought it was a big joke. But all credit to Veera, I think he has come a long way and he worked very hard to prove himself,” says Sam.

Veera has been Gautham’s assistant director since Vaaranam Aayiram and so Sameera has known him for long and they are immensely comfortable with each other. Veera is also all praises for Sameera and observes that her role in NN is tough and demanding which is generally scripted for heroes and that the actress did full justice to it. They also let it slip that there is a scene in the film where Veera, who plays a psycho, drags Sameera by the hair and tries to drown her in a tub of water. Now, that sends a chill down our spine. We cannot wait for the Nadunisi Naigal to be unleashed.


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