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Friday, February 18, 2011

Gautham warns on ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ piracy

Gautham MenonCinemimi[Friday, February 18, 2011]
Gautham Menon is ready to take on online piracy of his ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ head on. Gautham Menon and producers Photon Kathaas Pvt. Ltd, R.S.Infotainment & Madan have signed an agreement with Copyright Labs to enforce online anti-piracy.

In a statement released today, Gautham Menon has said that “Being authorized, it is a request that the above stated copyrighted content ought not to be uploaded/posted/shared/disseminated on or through any website/webpage/server/torrent. On infringement Copyright Labs will remove the content and initiate legal action for the copyright infringement.

‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ is a psychological thriller with no background score and thus the effects of this movie can be fully experienced only at theatres. This is a request for all movie buffs to encourage viewership of movies at theatres only and also report any pirated link of this movie found online to

Are the concerned listening?

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