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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Surya tells whether he will continue to act in Hindi films

[Tuesday, December 07, 2010]
When asked Surya that whether he would continue to act in Hindi films after Raktha Charithra, he said,’’ I choose films and act. I will act in a film that has a role in which I can give life to it. I will not act in usual stories.

The story should be of different dimension. I also feel that it would be good if the role reaches all kind of audiences. Lots of Bollywood directors are approaching me with offers. Talks are going on regard with this.

Nobody has given me the final script. If at all I accept a Hindi film, I will also see that the story is suitable for all languages. If the film can satisfy all kind of audience, I will definitely act in it.

My desire is that I should retain the place of a multi star. With regard to my next Tamil film I will be acting in a film directed by K V Anand and a film to be directed by Hari. The official announcements will be made soon.


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