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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saranya says that she did not elope with her lover

[Thursday, December 02, 2010]
Saranya had acted with Jayam Ravi in the film Peranmai. Her mother Manjula had filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police Rajendran that her daughter is missing. There were also doubts whether she would have run away with her lover. But Saranya has said that she had not run away with her lover and she is safe. She was introduced as a co star in the film Kadhal. She later on acted in the film Peranmai with Jayam Ravi. She did the role of a girl who loved Jayam Ravi one sided. Now she is acting in the film titled Malai Kalam.

At this point of her time, Saranya’s mother had given a complaint that her daughter has been missing. She in her complaint has stated,” I was living with my daughter at Thanga Nagar in Kodambakkam. But for the last three months my daughter has been missing. I have searched her everywhere but I could not find her. I was also not well. Then also she did not come to see me. I don’t know where she is. Since she has acted in the films, she has earned a lot of money. Someone has instigated and preventing her from coming to the house. Now I am suffering alone. I have undergone three surgical operations. Then also she did not come to see me. In view of this I request you to find me my daughter.”

Now Saranya while speaking said,” There was a difference of opinion between me and my mother for last several months. The situation became worse so I was not able to live with my mother. That is why I had to come away from my mother. Now I am safe in my friend’s house. I don’t want to reveal the place where I am staying. I am not in love with anyone. My whole concentration is on acting now. I want to act in lots of films. My mother made a big issue of a small matter. I am upset over this.”


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