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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rani Mukherjee Kissed Vidya Balan - a lesi Smooch?

Cinemimi [Thursday, December 30, 2010]
Have you seen a comedy of Vivek with Mayil Swamy... both appearing in TV as Swamikal and quarreling with each other and behind the screen sharing the money!
If you might have seen this then there is no indepth analysis required for the smooch scene of Rani Mukherjee performed along with Vidya Balan!

According to Zoom TV (one of the north indian TV) had a program with an introduction that Rani and Vidya are bitter enemies and have agreed to discuss about their enmity in front of the camera!

Things went well with lots of words spoken between them and here below is the extract!

Rani: So, what about the rumours that we had problems?
Vidya: Well, lovers' tiffs happen. I get upset, you placate me, you get upset, and I placate you. Sometimes flowers work, sometimes chocolates. I think in your case flowers do the magic. Do we really look that we're having a problem? We can prove otherwise.

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Rani: Come here ... (they do a lip-lock, almost). Mwaah! Lovely! Only for zoOm.
Vidya: No, only for Rani. Dekhte rahiye ...

Rani (laughing): Vidya, actually I'm getting quite distracted by your red lipstick. What do I do?
Vidya (covering her mouth): Okay, I will talk like this. Ha, ha, ha!

Rani: If you had to do my role in the film, would you do it differently?
Vidya: I would've surely done it differently, but I've said this million times in the past that I don't think anyone could've played this role as believably as you have.

Rani: On this note, another kiss. (Kisses Vidya passionately on the mouth and Vidya responds). Now Vidya's already looking tired, mmnnn ... that says a lot about me.

Rani: Three things about me you don't particularly like and you could never tell me. That should be easy, Vidya.
Vidya: The fact that I'm always the first person who has to say sorry after a fight. I'm the one to call you at night, but you never do. And thirdly, the fact that I can't stop laughing when we're together.

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