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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Preetika Prefers To Visit Indian Tourist Places

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Preetika Cute PhotosCinemimi[Thursday December 23, 2010]
Model turned actress Preetika, who made her acting debut with the Tamil film Chikku Bukku, has travelled across the world as part of her modeling stint. But the 26 year old says that nothing can beat the charm of her homeland India.

Once she steps her foot to India, Preetika is more than happy. According to her, the country had most scenic places in the world and nature can be found at its best her only.

The pretty girl has been in the countries like Malaysia, Switzerland and Thailand for her modeling assignments. Preetika informs that she has been to most of Europe and recently had a pleasure trip to the US. During her US visit, the actress explored various places like the entire West Coast and then Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, Hollywood and even Phoenix City in Arizonia. However, unlike other travelers, the actress was not very excited about it as she found it like any other vacation.

Preetika says that she rather enjoyed her trekking trip to Rishikesh and Haridwar, where she went with her friends. She had a fun time mountain-climbing and rafting at these places. They enjoyed their camping on nature's lap. She says that it was a simple fun outing and learning experience. The actress claims to have learnt different things about India. Preetika enjoyed learning about the culture and history of those places and she looks forward to many such trips in future.


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