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Friday, December 10, 2010

‘Kadhal’ Saranya speaks about her recent controversy

[Friday, December 10, 2010]
There was news that ‘Kadhal’ Saranya has been kidnapped by someone and her mother Manjula had given a police complaint with regard to this. But Saranya had given a statement that she is safe in her friend’s house and she had come out of the house because she was having problems with her mother.

When asked Saranya that what was the problem between her mother and her, she said,” Money is the problem. If I get Rs 4 Lakhs for a film, I cant give all the money to my mother. I have also have expenses. Even if I have to buy costumes it will cost me thousands.

But my mother does not understand all this. She keeps on pestering me for money all the time. I was not able to bear this. Only with the money I earn, we can live comfortably when there is no shooting. My mother does not understand all this.

She is mad after money. There was also a news that my mother is saying that I am in the clutches of a black magician or a lover. If she tells that she is pestering me for money, it will look repulsive. So in order to cover this, she is telling lies that I am with a black magician or a lover. I know who black magician is and who the lover is.

Immediately there is a question who is that that lover. I am not against love. There is nothing wrong in loving. But for time being I am in love with cinema. I am very upset because of this problem. That’s all. Now I am staying in my friend’s house and I am going for shooting from there. But the situation is not suitable for me to stay in my house. The time is not yet come..”


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