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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay being harassed?

Cinemimi[Sunday, December 19, 2010]
Vijay is working in Kollywood for about 18 years and he is the Super Star - Next and his father is in this industry for over 30 years - Vijay and his family is facing new problem and this is unique for this smartest actor.
Let it be charity or Eelam Tamil Issue or sponsoring education or any thing else it may be, Vijay had a path which is always unique and genuine.

In this 18th year of his career he is facing hurdles in the form of politics. Vijay gave two of his previous movies to a TV giants and fans feel that the second one was made flop with intention by the distributor himself ie. SUN Pictures.

Now he is ready with his Kaavalan and is planning to go himself, but all the theaters are blocked when he planned to release his movie for this X-mas season. Then he planned for Pongal, even by that time no theater owner is willing to spare a place for Vijay!!!

To be noted that both Udhayanidhi Stalin and Sun Pictures have booked almost all the theaters.

By these actions, they are teaching Vijay about politics and let us watch how our Thalapathi is over coming these hurdles.

Hosur Paiyan: Enga Thalapathikkae aaappaaa...?


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