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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dhanush suffers from spasm

[Tuesday, December 07, 2010]
Dhanush is on a short break as he is suffering from spasm (sudden, involuntary contraction of muscle) in his neck.

In fact, the spasm has become a blessing in disguise for the otherwise busy actor, who is spending time by playing with his children and enjoying the chill weather of Chennai thanks to incessant rains.

“It gives me an immense pleasure that it is divine to see Linga (his second son) smile at me. He doesn’t even realise I have a spasm on my neck,” says the ‘Uthamaputhiran’ actor.

Happy about Chennai climate, he says, “What weather? But it’s sad I cannot go for a drive because of my spasm. However, still enjoying it with a coffee from my terrace.” Dhanush’s hands are currently full with a slew of projects, including ‘Venghai’ directed by Hari.


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