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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Devi Sriprasad says that why he makes the actresses sing

Devi Sriprasad Cinemimi[Thursday December 23,2010 ]
Music composer Devi Sriprasad gives opportunities to actresses Andrea and Mamta to sing in the films that he composes music. Because of this there are lots of rumors about him.

Devi Sriprasad while speaking about this said,” The latest trend is to use new voices. There are actresses who are well versed in music. I am making them sing in the films that I compose music.

In some of my films Mamta has already sung and Andrea has sung for the film Manmadhan Ambu. It is a routine thing for these kinds of rumors to erupt.

I am least worried about all these rumors. In between the Kuthu and disco type songs, I am giving importance to melody songs. I see to that there are at least two melody songs in the films that I compose music. I have planned to release a musical album. I will decide this next year.”


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