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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Anushka PicturesCinemimi[Tuesday, December 14, 2010]
Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Chandramukhi’ incredulously fetched a greatest respect for being a longest using film, thereby environment a jot down in Indian movie industry. Director P. Vasu had left out most portions in a movie which narrated a lives of ‘Vettayan’ Raja, Ganga as good as her lover. Yes, a sequences have been defined in a second partial which will have nonetheless some-more retaining moments in a tale.

Initially, P. Vasu had skeleton of creation this movie with Superstar Rajnikanth as good as after Ajith Kumar got in to a picture. Off a late, he proposed creation a movie in Kannada patrician ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’. The filmmaker has right away transformed a movie in Telugu as ‘Nagavalli – Chandramukhi Returns’. Earlier skeleton were not to recover a movie in Tamil Nadu as P. Vasu longed for to do a Tamil chronicle as well.

But now, it will recover with some-more prints opposite Tamil Nadu. ‘Nagavalli’ has Venkatesh personification twin purposes with Kamalini Mukherji, Anushka Shetty as good as Shraddha Das in lead roles.


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