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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snigitha says that rumours are publicity

[Tuesday, November 30, 2010]
Snigitha has come to Chennai for the release of the film Nandhalala. When asked how that she is acting in Mysskin’s films alone, she said,” It happened on its own. There are so many heroines here who have reached to the top in a single film.

I have spoken to some of them. But I got to the top place by acting in a single song. I never came here expecting anything .Mysskin first told me the story of Nandhalala and I took the flight from Indore and came here.

But to some reasons the shooting of this film got postponed. At that point of time, he made me dance for the song Kannale Kuthathe. That place became so gala. I myself never expected that I can dance this well. Mysskin was responsible for this.

I have so happy when my Chennai friends told me that one of the reason for the success of Anjathey was this song also. Then Nandhalala has begun and now it has been released. It is such a beautiful and rare story. Now I will try to become a leading actress in Chennai.

About the rumours linking me with Mysskin, my friends told me that is also one kind of publicity. So I kept quiet. Even now also there are so many rumours. I have read some of these and I have laughed. Publicity is important for those who are in cinema. Because of this I want more rumors please.”


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