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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saranya escapes from her mother

[Tuesday, November 30, 2010]
Actress Saranya, who has done Kaadhal along with Sandhya and then was found in Peraanmai, 4-students (Mallu), Mazaik Kaalam etc., has now escaped from her mother and living separately!
It is said that Saranya's mother is suffering from a killer disease due to her profession and Saranya was also being compelled into the profession by her mother.

Upset over her mother's attitude, Saranya managed to escape and is now living separately.

Angered over Saranya's escape, Saranya's mother sought police help, but failed to get her back as Saranya gave clarrification about her mother's attitude.

Saranya also announced that she is not interested in any other proffession other than acting...


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