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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jeeva is also donning the villain role in Singam Puli

Did you choose Singam Puli because there were dual roles in it?

There is nothing like that. I thought the story would suit me and there was lot of scope for acting. In fact there were plans to make another hero act in it. But Sai Ramani when he narrated the story told me that I only should act in it. There were lots of scenes where pranks will be played on the girls. All these scenes will be liked by the ladies. Both my roles have importance. I speak Madras Tamil in one role and the other role will be cute like how Karthi sir does.

How is the new director?

Most of the films I had acted were directed by new directors. The films were also successful. When Sai Ramani narrated the story, I liked it very much. I knew that he would direct it well because he narrated the story in such a way. It is also important to note that he had worked under great directors.

Is it possible to find the director’s talent when he is narrating the story itself?

I can decide whether he is capable of directing in the way he narrates the story. Above all we can know his talent on the first day of the shooting. I know Sai Ramani from the time I had acted in E. I know about his talent.

Since there are dual roles, is there any change in get ups?

There is no big change in get ups. I laboured hard for Katradhu Tamil. I acted with great interest in E and Ram. In the similar way I am acting in this film with lot of interest. I reduced my weight for one of the roles.

There is news that you are doing villain role?

Yes. I am also acting as villain, but you must see my villain role.


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