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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Genelia says that she heard a strange voice

Genelia had been to Australia for the shooting of a Hindi film. It seems she heard a strange voice in a hotel room because of this she ran away from that room.
While speaking about this experience she said,” Recently I had been to Australia to participate in a shooting. I was allotted a room in a star hotel. When I entered the room I felt something strange. Scaring images were painted on the walls. But I managed to stay.

But as time passed, I could hear some one talking. I thought that someone was talking outside. But I was able to hear this queer voice continuously. So I noticed it with keenness. I could hear the wall cracking sound. I started shivering. Immediately I rushed out of the room. When I came out, I found the others who had accompanied me had the same experience. So we stayed in another hotel. This was a thrilling experience.”


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