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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Asin says no to Salman Khan

It is the habit for Asin to forget the people who help her. This time Salman Khan has been forgotten by her. Asin has so far acted in two films with Salman Khan. When she had gone with Salman Khan to Sri Lanka for the shooting of Ready, a big controversy broke out.

Asin who paired with Amir Khan in Ghajini is gearing up to pair with another Khan in Bollywood. She will be pairing with Sharukh Khan. Salman Khan who felt that she was his best pair had asked her to act with him in another film.

But as usual she was not concerned about it. Salman Khan has helped Asin a lot. Salman who is the remake king of Bollywood is interested to remake the Malayalam film Body Guard ( Kaavalan) in Hindi. But Asin is telling that she does not want to do the same role again and again.


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