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Sunday, October 3, 2010

'Vallakottai' will be strong: Arjun

My fans have always preferred me in action-packed movies. I have to pay heed to their demands. Rarely does an actor get the opportunity to do all that he is capable of in a single movie. In ‘Vallakottai’ I got to do just that", says Arjun.

Happy about the film directed by A Venkatesh, he says, "I have several get-ups in the film. I dress up as ‘Nayagan’ Kamal Haasan, ‘Krissh’ Hrithik Roshan and ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ Johnny Depp among other looks".

"I feel making an off-beat movie is easier compared to making commercial films", he says and adds: "'I would say that a commercial movie that combines stunts, romance and emotions in agreeable proportions is difficult to make. With director A Venkatesh at the helm, we have managed to achieve that in Vallakottai".


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