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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Simbhu who shuttled for Poda Podi

The shooting of the film Poda Podi which has Simbhu and Varalakshmi in the lead role is taking place in Canada. But now Simbhu is in Chennai. Today or tomorrow he has to be back in Canada.

Why this urgent trip to Chennai? Though Anushka is pairing with Simbhu in the film Vaanam, she has given only three days call sheet because of her preoccupations.

So it was decided to shoot a song sequence during these three days. But Simbhu who was supposed to shake his legs with her was in Canada for the shooting of Poda Podi. With no other go, Simbhu was approached and was asked to come immediately to Chennai for the shooting of Vaanam.

But producers of Poda Podi withheld the passport of Simbhu with the fear that Simbhu may leave. Then Simbhu somehow explained the situation to them and got his permission to shoot for Vaanam.


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