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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music review: Uthamaputhiran

'Kan Irrandil' rendered by Naresh Iyer starts as a soft melody and the pace keeps increasing. Possibly the song will be played when the hero meets the heroine.

'Idicha Pacharisi' is more like a wedding song sung by Ranjith, Vinaya and Sangeetha. The lyrics depicts the different rituals of a traditional Tamil wedding.

'En Nenju' is a medium-paced interesting composition with some good instrumentation. Adding more flavour are the soulful voices of Vijay Prakash and Saindhavi.

'Ulagam Unnaku' rendered by Vijay Prakash is a fast song which describes the hero's attitude, probably the introduction song of our hero.

'Ussumu Laresay' is a fast beat peppy number with some English rap in between. Vijay Antony, Emcee Jazz and Janani Iyer have crooned this typical Vijay Anthony number.

'Thooral Podum' is a melodious romantic number sung by Ajesh and Janani Iyer.


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