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Friday, October 22, 2010

Anushka speaks about the secret of her beauty

Anushka whose real name is Sweetie Shetty while speaking to the media said,”Vaanam is my fourth Tamil film. This film is remake of Telugu film Vedam.

This film has a good storyline. I am donning the role called Saroja. It is very happy to work with the team like Simbhu, Bharath, Vega, Soni Agarwal and Prakash Raj. Normally I am very interested in dancing. Simbhu is also good dancer.

Both of us have shaken our legs for a Kuthu song which is going definitely enthrall the audience. Many are asking me whether I know yoga. Lot of changes has happened in my life. Some of the changes have happened due to yoga. Cinema is one such thing.

When I was doing Plus Two I opted for statistics. When I joined college I did B C A. When I completed college, I got interested in yoga. Immediately I joined yoga class and started learning it systematically. The instructor for my yoga class was Bhagat’s friend.

This yoga is helping me keeping my physique and health fit. Director Nivas introduced me into cinema. I came to cinema without any knowledge of cinema. But the film Arundhathi gave me the status of best actress and made me popular.

When I don’t have shooting I do yoga, otherwise there is no time for me to do yoga continuously. Many are asking me about the secret of my beauty. I exercise 30 minutes every day. I drink lot of water. I finish my dinner by 8 pm. Apart from this no secret. I always feel that we should protect the beauty given to us by nature. May be this could be the secret.”


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