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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anushka says that she never refused to act with Simbhu

Anushka became popular among Tamil audience after acting in the film Arundhathi. She who paired with Surya in Singam is now pairing with Simbhu in the film Vaanam.
There was news initially that Anushka refused to pair with Simbhu in this film. They persuaded her lot and made her to act.
When asked Anushka that why she refused to act with Simbhu, she said,” Vedam is a beautiful story in Telugu in which I had acted. When this film was decided to be remade in Tamil they requested me to the same role which I did in Telugu. They said Simbhu is doing the lead role. I agreed.
There were rumors that I refused to act with Simbhu. They were purely rumors. I did not refute this. I am happy that I am pairing with Simbhu. My character in this film will be controversial. I do not want to be trapped in this image net. I want to different kind of roles in each film. My character in this film would be much spoken about.”


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