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Saturday, September 18, 2010

VIVEL Miss Chinnatirai 2010 held in success

Miss Chinnatirai 2010 was presented by Vivel, a quality Hair Care Brand
from ITC in association with Fiama beauty Soap at the Nadigar Sangam on Sunday. Every contestant – 10 in numbers – was a winner pocketing the various individual awards thanks to the support of the sponsors. The high point of the event was the test of intelligence round with the intelligence quotient of the contestants put to test by the judges. The judges were from various fields – director Ravi Barnah, cinematographer Natraj, actress Shamitha, choreographer Sunil Menon and Beauty Consultant Madhu. The contestants were put through the paces by way of audition and groomed in the personality development and ramp walks. The event had a heady mix of dance, songs and special fusion music – the expertise of the ones behind the work were all there to see. Cine actress Keerthi Chawla felt proud to be part of the event taking delight in announcing the names of the winner and the two runners-up – Devipriya and Rajani. Some of the brand names in the small screen – Raghav, Shree, Anitha and Aishwarya – ensured that the audience had their fill dancing to their heart’s content to some specific popular numbers. A big hit among the audience, Anna Poorani showcased her skills in the ramp walk while Rajani said she was happy to live the moment and savour the joy and challenges of life. Devi Priya was at her ravishing best in spotless white which could be said for the other contestants too – the names are: Vilasini, Monical Lavanya, Mobeen, Gayathri and Mani Mekalai. Vijay Sarathy, the day’s anchor, garnered all the attention in his ability to liven up the proceedings and ensuring that everyone left the arena with their smiles intact.


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