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Thursday, September 2, 2010

“Is it wrong to say I love you” asks director Chellamuthu

After Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara romance matter, there is a fresh is the news that Meera Nandan and director Chellamuthu who is directing the film Surya Nagaram are in love. Now it seems there is clash between the two.

One of the unit members said,” For a song sequence the director had asked Meera Nandan to get down in the pond, She refused.

The director who was stubborn compelled her to get inside the pond. Meera Nandan went away weeping. Then Meera herself said,” The director wanted to marry me. I refused. That is why he is harassing me.’ She told this to everyone.”

When asked about this to director Chellamuthu, he said,” Meera’s character and her discipline attracted me very much. From that time itself I started loving her. But I controlled myself because I didn’t want this matter to interfere in my work.

After completing the shooting and when she was about to leave, I told her decently that I liked her very much and with the permission of her mother we can get married. I spoke to her decently and that to when she was alone. But she said that a suitable alliance has already been fixed. So I wished her good luck and forget this manner then and there.

But Meera had told this matter to everyone and tarnished my image. I told my love with decency and without hurting her feelings. Is this wrong? Don’t ask me anything more about this.”

When asked Meera Nandan about this, she said,” I only spoke this matter with my mother. I have not spoken about this to anyone. I want to forget this, please.”


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