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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ban on Asin makes her nervous

Aug,20,2010  Indian actress Asin is facing a ban in Tamilnadu and this is a fact, which is like an old wine now. Currently, there is news that unless the actress writes a written apology for making a mistake to visit Sri Lanka, the Tamil film industry meant joint action committee, which is led by Kalaipuli G Sekaran, will not revoke the ban on her. Kalaipuli is adamant that the decision taken by the Tamil film industry’s joint action committee will remain intact, until Asin reacts to the decision of Ban and comes forward with a proper apology. Asin is having a dull career in Bollywood presently as she has only one film in her hand which is READY with Salman Khan. Since she demanded Rs 2 cr in Kollywood, the actress has not more film offers, except for an Ilayapathi Vijay’s project, which is in the shaping. If in case the ban of this beauty is continued, hen her future in south and north films, will become thin and the actress may become extinct from the stardom.However, Kalaipuli has offered a solution that Asin can com and talk with the joint action committee and can make things simple for her in coming days, as the committee doesn’t want to spoil the career or any artists in the film industry. According to the decision, asin’s films, irrespective of their language are completely banned in playing in Tamilnadu.


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